Discover Deeper Connections with Animals:
Tellington TTouch® Workshops

Whether you choose to attend in person or join us online, Tellington TTouch® workshops are a treasure trove of valuable information, equipping you with practical skills and providing fresh insights into understanding and interacting with animals positively. Regardless of your expertise – whether a seasoned professional in the field or a lifelong animal enthusiast – these workshops promise a renewed understanding of your dog, horse, or any other animal you work with.

At our workshops, you have the flexibility to bring your own animal companion or work with the animals provided, allowing you to optimize your learning experience. Both options present their unique advantages, ensuring you make the most of the educational opportunities.

Each training caters to participants with varying levels of skills and experiences, ensuring that whether it’s your first or twenty-first workshop, you will leave with new pieces of information and enhanced abilities to connect with animals on a deeper level.

Don’t miss out on this transformative journey! Check our events page to find a workshop near you, or reach out to your local practitioner for more information. Embark on a path of enriching experiences with animals today through Tellington TTouch® workshops.