The Method

The Tellington TTouch Training® Method

The Tellington TTouch® method represents a revolutionary and comprehensive approach to interacting with, and influencing our animals and ourselves. Pioneered by Linda Tellington Jones over four decades ago, TTouch has consistently remained ahead of its time.

In this holistic approach, behaviour is viewed as a form of communication, ephasising understanding rather than judgment of attitude or personality. Through experience, we have learned that learning is hindered in the presence of pain, fear or the anticipation of pain, while the nervous system is highly receptive to non-habitual movement as opposed to mere repetition. One fundamental principle of this method is “Change the posture, change the behaviour”, highlighting the profound link between physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium. Time and again, we have witnessed the transformative connection between these elements. Consequently, a large part of the Tellington TTouch® method focuses on changing posture and the importance of mindfulness in shaping behaviour and fostering trust, as our philosophy and attitude is just as meaningful as the specific approach and techniques.

TTouch combines observations and philosophy, bodywork, ground exercises and equipment to help animals find physical, mental, and emotional balance, as a way of enhancing communication, cooperation and harmony.  TTouch does not strictly fit into any traditional learning theory quadrant.  It does not use the escalation of pressure to create behaviour, nor does it rely solely on positive reinforcement, although it works well with Clicker training.  TTouch works to show animals what we want and make the steps as small and easy as possible to keep the learning process low-stress and logical.

Discover what this method is really about for yourself by contacting a practitioner, attending a training event, reading some of the many books or looking at the Tellington TTouch YouTube Channel.

Whether it's adapting the method to different Species, or adjusting techniques to suit various temperaments, Tellington TTouch® has something to offer.