TTouch for You

As individuals learned and practiced Tellington TTouch® techniques for their animals, they discovered that these techniques also had a positive impact on themselves. People of all ages began to experience a renewed sense of well-being and found relief from various physical issues such as headaches, backaches, neck pain, and sensitivity to touch. This realisation led to the effectiveness of TTouch for humans becoming evident.

In numerous countries, TTouch is gaining recognition and acceptance within the human healthcare system. Professionals such as nurses, massage therapists, physiotherapists, physicians, and occupational therapists have successfully integrated Tellington TTouch® techniques into their practices. For instance, TTouch can be used for managing post-fracture swelling, alleviating labor pain, wound care, and addressing issues like oedema and pain. TTouch can also be beneficial for chronic pain and conditions like Fibromyalgia. 

Outside of clinical settings, teachers have embraced TTouch techniques in the classroom to address behavioural issues, foster problem-solving skills, and promote positive growth and development among their students.

TTouch-for-You® is an easily accessible practice that requires no special equipment which can yield positive results. If you prefer to learn in the comfort of your own home, there are helpful “how-to” books available to guide you through the process. These resources enable individuals to learn and apply TTouch techniques for self-care and personal growth, contributing to their overall well-being.

A number of our Equine and Companion Animal Practitioners in the British Isles have a specific interest in TTouch-for-You®. If you would like further information on this, please contact us by emailing        [email protected] or complete our contact form.

Learn about self-care and TTouch-for-You® from Linda herself through her distance immersion course.