About Us

The Tellington TTouch® Guild

Welcome to the Tellington TTouch® British Isles Guild. As a focal point for those eager to refine their proficiency in this respected method, our Guild champions the spread of Tellington TTouch®, a technique that nurtures closer bonds between humans and animals through non-habitual and empathetic approaches. 

The Guild is committed to ensuring that its members are knowledgeable and continuously enhance their skills, thereby upholding the highest standards of practice. Membership necessitates the fulfillment of specified continuing professional development (CPD) criteria focused on Tellington TTouch® techniques. This requirement enables members to have their own practitioner profile as well as list their events on this website.  

Our dedication to ongoing education and training reflects our commitment to animal welfare and our confidence in the effectiveness of Tellington TTouch® methods. Through these initiatives, the Guild provides opportunities for its’ practitioners to keep abreast of the latest advancements, ultimately promoting the well-being of the animals entrusted to their care. 

The Tellington TTouch® British Isles Guild is overseen by a committee of dedicated volunteers, each elected by the Guild’s membership. This process ensures that the Guild is led by individuals who are not only passionate about the welfare of animals and the efficacy of Tellington TTouch® methods but also have the support and confidence of their peers. The committees’ work collaboratively guides the Guild’s direction, policies, and initiatives, reflecting the collective interests and aspirations of the membership at large.  

Joining the Guild as a member, either as a student or qualified practitioner, offers a comprehensive array of benefits designed to enhance professional development, visibility, and community engagement for practitioners of Tellington TTouch®. Membership in the Guild fosters a supportive community among members, providing a nurturing environment for sharing knowledge, experiences, and encouragement. 

Beyond these advantages, members enjoy access to a CPD points system tailored specifically to Tellington TTouch®, ensuring continuous learning and mastery of the technique. Additionally, members receive valuable exposure through practitioner profiles and event listings on both the British Isles Guild website and the International Guild website, amplifying their reach to potential clients and collaborators globally. 

Membership also grants access to Tellington TTouch® Inc’s Community Facebook Group and the Community website, fostering a supportive and resource-rich environment for both practitioners and students. The opportunity to assist in both online and in-person courses further enhance members’ learning experiences and professional development. 

Furthermore, members benefit from access to the Guild’s private Facebook group and exclusive members’ events, including monthly webinars that provide ongoing education and networking opportunities. Promotional materials are provided to support practitioners in attending and presenting at events, enhancing their professional presence. 

As the Guild continues to evolve, members will also enjoy access to additional benefits as they become available, ensuring that membership remains valuable and supportive of practitioners’ growth and success in the Tellington TTouch® community. This solidifies the Guild not only as a hub for professional development but also as a vibrant, supportive network of like-minded individuals committed to the welfare of animals and the efficacy of the Tellington TTouch® methods. 

Whether it's adapting the method to different Species, or adjusting techniques to suit various temperaments, Tellington TTouch® has something to offer.