Attending an Equine Workshop

Tellington TTouch trainings for horses provide you with the skills to help horses be their best selves.  The techniques and exercises help promote optimal performance and health, providing solutions to common behavioural and physical problems. Horses demonstrate marked improvement in athletic skills and increased willingness and ability to perform. Not only does the horse benefit, but also a deeper rapport grows between horse and rider because of increased understanding and more effective communication.

Training clinics with an Tellington TTouch Instructor or a 1 or 2 day workshops with a qualified practitioner combine a huge amount of information, with an easy to learn, fun, hands-on format. Participants may choose to bring their own horse or attend without as participants will often work in pairs or small groups with each horse. Both the 5 or 6 day clinics and shorter workshops are suitable for all levels of horse handlers and delve into the 4 components of the work; philosophy and observations; gentle bodywork techniques; mindful ground exercises, and the Joy of Riding or Riding with Awareness, as well as an introduction to Connected Groundwork and  Riding lessons.

Participants go away with a clear understanding of how to evaluate a horse’s physical tension and bracing patterns, as well as what bodywork to use when. Honing observation skills brings new awareness to handlers, and better assesses physical limitations in horses, and how these may be reflected in negative behaviour.

The  bodywork techniques are taught in a hands-on manner, and is practiced on many different horses, as well as on people, to provide clear feedback on technique. By the end of the clinic or workshop most participants go away with many new tools to effectively deal with body soreness, stiffness, and improve overall well-being.

Tellington TTouch groundwork consists of a variety of leading exercises developed to improve coordination, balance, posture, and straightness. These can be done on either side, with one handler or two, as well as ground driving, and “neck line driving” an exercise unique to the method. These slow, mindful exercises serve to change habitual tension patterns, and ameliorate behavioural problems.

The “Joy of Riding” combines Linda’s more than 60 years of teaching classical riding and experiences as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.   It provides a toolbox of riding exercises, which may include the use of the TTouch balance rein, lindell, roller-bit, promise wrap and even bridle-less riding with the lariat neck ring.   All these tools are used to help change the horse’s balance,  posture, body and communication. 

At instructor taught training clinics and as a complement to the Tellington TTouch groundwork, some instructors may  incorporate the Connected Riding Groundwork with the horses. These exercises help to increase flexibility, improve impulsion, and create connection through to the hand while addressing bracing and tension in the body.

In addition to this, saddle fit, dentistry awareness, and work with foals, are often part of the areas covered, and vary depending on group interest and experience.

Unlike many clinics, you are not required to bring your own horse to a Tellington TTouch training. Many of the learning exercises are done in pairs or groups, and horses are given down time to integrate what they have learned.  Some participants are surprised to learn how much they learn when working with horses they do not know or have preconceived assumptions about.  

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • How to improve performance – Ground exercises to help improve balance, self control and focus
  • How to apply TTouch first aid techniques while waiting for the veterinarian
  • How to use the Tellington equipment like the Balance Rein, Neckring and Bodywrap
  • Ways to speed healing and recovery from injury or illness
  • Why issues such as nervousness, laziness, trailering problems, attitude difficulties and stiffness occur and how to solve them in a safe and positive way

Regardless Of Your Discipline, Preferred Breed Or Level Of Experience, You Will Learn The Tools And Techniques That Can Foster The Magical Partnership Between You And Your Horse That Most People Strive For A Lifetime To Achieve.

Combining The Tellington TTouch Bodywork With Special Ground Exercises And Under-Saddle Work, This Training Method Offers An Approach Based On Cooperation Rather Than Domination And Understanding Rather Than Control. You Will Learn To Chunk Down The Training Process Into Incremental Steps That Are Scientifically Proven To Reduce Fearfulness In Horses Thereby Increasing The Potential For Learning.

In a workshop you will experience this remarkable training approach for yourself. Every training has its own special flavour, but in each you will find yourself surrounded by like-minded horse lovers. You will also begin to see your equine companion with new eyes. Innovative opportunities for working with your horse will begin to crystallize. You will be empowered with the “gift of possibility”.