Over the course of its development, the Tellington TTouch® Method has compiled an extensive collection of film footage featuring a diverse range of species, including horses, dogs, cats, people, and numerous other animals. This growing library serves as a valuable resource documenting the practical application of TTouch techniques across different species.

What is The Tellington TTouch® Method?

The video below is a great place to get started if you are brand new to the method. Robyn Hood (sister of Linda Tellington Jones) will take you through an introduction to the method and will give you an idea of the common issues that Tellington TTouch® can help with.

Unleash Your Dog's Potential

By incorporating the mindful bodywork component of the Tellington TTouch® Method into your interactions with your dog, you can effectively reduce tension, foster trust, and cultivate a lasting state of relaxation. This particular aspect of TTouch focuses on gentle and deliberate touches and movements that have been proven to positively impact your dog’s well-being.

Solving Horse Problems with the Tellington TTouch® Method

This video presents an introduction to the transformative Tellington TTouch® method techniques tailored for horses. These exercises have been carefully designed to release tension, promote healthy posture, and elevate overall performance, behaviour, and well-being in our equine friends. 

The Tellington Touch® Balance Leash

The Balance Leash is an excellent tool to employ when walking a dog on a collar with a leash, particularly if the dog tends to pull or forge ahead. This innovative technique effectively relieves pressure from the neck and assists in restoring the dog’s balance. By utilising the Balance Leash, you can promote a more comfortable and harmonious walking experience, both for you and your canine companion.

The Tellington Touch® Rope Harness

Here’s a fantastic technique that proves invaluable in shelter or rescue settings, as well as in situations where an appropriate harness may not be readily available. By crafting a makeshift harness from any rope, you can effectively alleviate pressure from the neck. This simple yet ingenious solution provides a more comfortable and humane alternative, ensuring the well-being of the animal in your care.

The Tellington Touch® Head Wrap For Horses

Head Wraps for horses can serve as an excellent tool for increasing focus and promoting calmness. It can also be useful with head-shy and ear-shy horses.