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TTouch for Cats

Cats are one of the most sensitive animals we live with on a daily basis.  While they can seem aloof to some people, those who know them realise their potential for developing bonds and relationships with their people.  The Tellington TTouch has many great techniques and exercises for helping to enhance a cat’s well-being and overall acceptance of people and new things.  Many rescue and shelter workers incorporate TTouch techniques to help un-socialised or feral cats become more adoptable and comfortable with people.


TTouch can be very useful for helping cats:

  • Adapt to new situations

  • Calm anxiety

  • Increase touch acceptance in nervous or un-socialised cats

  • Reduce aggressive or reactive behaviour towards other animals or people

  • Accept new people

  • Become more comfortable with the groomer or veterinarian


As with all species, TTouch also has a myriad of benefits for the overall well-being of cats with a range of physical issues.  Simple TTouch techniques can be incredibly useful in supporting the veterinary care of cats with kidney problems, arthritis, respiratory and digestive problems, shock or car sickness.

With mindful, respectful handling most cats blossom as individuals who appreciate affection and attention.