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Teaching Tellington TTouch Observation H

Learn About TTouch

You do not need to join the Practitioner Training Programme to learn more about TTouch and and/or have the opportunity to develop some hands-on skills to help the animals in your care.

Many practitioners offer talks, demonstrations and one or two day workshops across the British Isles.


One or two day workshops provide a learning environment that is hands-on, very supportive and safe for the human participants as well as for the dogs and other animals. The majority of work in the trainings is done with dogs or horses, but some Practitioners specialise in working with horses, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds and other small pets. Workshops provide a relaxed atmosphere where sharing information and ideas is encouraged. In each of these workshops, attendees will include students from all levels of experience. For more than thirty years, we have found that this combination has provided a rich exchange of ideas and experiences to all participants.


Scheduled workshops are listed on our events page. However, many practitioners are happy to arrange workshops for interested groups e.g. dog clubs, riding clubs, other animal related organisations or simply a group of friends. These can be tailored to the participants and focus on areas of interest such as grooming, supporting senior dogs, noise sensitivity and firework fears or simply an introduction to the techniques.


You do not need to bring your animal to the workshop to learn new skills. Many participants choose to attend without their dog or horse for various reasons e.g. if they feel their dog might struggle in a workshop environment in proximity to other people or dogs. Some Practitioners run workshops specifically for dogs who can become anxious in certain situations where the numbers are smaller and participants receive greater support.


Many Practitioners support rescue organisations by providing talks and workshops for staff and volunteers or as a fundraiser for the rescue.

One-to-One Private Consultations

Your local Practitioner may also offer consultations and / or training sessions on specific aspects of TTouch on a one-to-one basis. These can be tailored to the areas you feel will most benefit you and your animal e.g. to help address a specific behaviour issue or simply for your to learn more about Tellington TTouch outwith a group session.

Talks & Demonstrations

Many Practitioners deliver talks and demonstrations at events or to animal related organisations. These will often be listed on the events page. Alternatively contact your local Practitioner if you are interested in hosting a talk or demonstration.