Tellington TTouch for your Sighthound
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Scout Hut, Linney Lane, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire, SK7 3JW

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Rachel Jackson


P3 - Companion Animals


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Sighthounds are a unique type of dog, be they whippet, greyhound, saluki, afghan or the lurcher type.
They are frequently sensitive souls (if a bit cheeky) who sometimes find life a bit busy, or if they are an ex racer they have a lot to adjust to, living in a home after kennel life. They may not have great body awareness, of they may seem a little quiet and timid. TTouch can help!

Tellington TTouch techniques are amazing for building a unique relationship with your new dog. You may want to help them with everyday life, walks, how to be comfortable with contact, handling techniques that encourage relaxation. Then this workshop is for you!

Come along to this workshop and learn more about your sighthound and their foibles as well as how to use TTouch techniques to encourage relaxation, improve sociability and body awareness.

Rachel has lived with and fostered sighthounds of different shapes and sizes for over 24 years, 18 of which have been as a Tellington TTouch practitioner. It was the first sighthound that the Jackson's adopted that brought Rachel to TTouch, due to his dog reactivity. TTouch was a godsend to us and him, he was an awesome dog, Fionn Jackson.

Limited handler places are available, to allow participants maximum attention. If your dog is not comfortable in the presence of other dogs and/or people or is reactive towards either, then please book a private consultation with Rachel. Dogs will remain on lead unless otherwise instructed by Rachel.

£75 per person, with or without one sighthound. A certificate of attendance is available.
Contact Rachel for further details and booking form, or visit

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