Tellington TTouch Introduction via Zoom




4 hours



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Alex Wilson


P2 - Companion Animals


0330 088 3647


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The course will cover:

• Understanding about the Tellington TTouch method and how it can be used with your dogs

• Learning Body Touches

• Understanding about wraps and other Tellington TTouch equipment

• Stopping Dogs Pulling on the Lead the TTouch way

• ...and much more


"Absolutely brilliant. So enjoyed today. In break I did a few clouded leopard on one of my dogs, I visibly saw the tension leave! Really great online event.

"Just been outside with dogs, one of the them did her usual spin and rag and growl her stress relief to cope with my blind dog. I applied some clouded leopards and she stopped omg.


Dr Helene Svinos


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Course Content


Section One


Understanding about the Tellington TTouch method, looking at the link between posture and behaviour, looking at tension patterns in dogs and looking at body language and how to observe our dogs.


Section Two


Hands-on body touches. We will learn some of the touches, practicing on sponges, sounds crazy but it works. We may have time to have a practical session on our dogs via your web-cam.

Section Three


Body Wraps and Calming Coats and how these tools can help your dog. We will learn how to tie a couple of the wraps that we use.


Section Four


Leading techniques, understand and looking at ways to stop dogs pulling on the lead using Tellington TTouch leading teachniques.


Other Learning. We will look at coat patterns and what these mean, we will look at strategies that can create awesome relationships with our dogs as well as talking about ACE Free work and how we can use Free work to better read our dog's body language and emotions.


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