One day Introduction to Tellington TTouch Training Method (in person)




six hours


3rd Bramhall Scout Hut, Linney Road, Bramhall, Cheshire SK7 3JW

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Rachel Jackson


Instructor - Companion Animals


07809 437967


Come and explore the amazing Tellington TTouch Training - a positive, animal centred approach to training, rehabilitation and handling. Learn techniques to help calm your wonderful, special dog and influence all areas of your dog's life.


Behaviour problems, your dog's well-being, performance or training issues are all intrinsically linked to physical, mental and emotional balance. They are all crucial for a confident, resilient and adaptable dog who copes well with everyday life.


Attending this workshop, Rachel will introduce you to Tellington TTouch techniques, to help you and your dog live in harmony and inderstanding. This will include -

~ How to observe and read the subtle signs your dog shows to communicate how they are feeling, including tension patterns.
~How to change your behaviour and habits to help your dog change theirs.
~ Five TTouches that can help relax your dog, relieve tension patterns and help them become less reactive.
~ A simple body wrap that can help your dog relax and be less noise sensitive.
~Look at body posture and how it affects physical and emotional balance.
~ Confidence course and leading techniques to enable your dog to have physical balance, proprioceptive awareness and become more focused.


Tickets cost £85 per person with one dog. Book via link below, or contact me for further information