Interactive and Online Tellington TTouch for Dogs




Five weeks, two hours weekly


Your own settee

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Rachel Jackson


Instructor - Companion Animals




Learn trust-based, gentle, effective and supportive techniques from the comfort of home. This includes 10 hours of live, virtual, group instruction as well as life-time access to a self-paced online study course.


Discover techniques designed to work in cooperation with your dogs:

~ Help your dog be their BEST selves!

~ Enhance self-control

~ Develop good leash habits

~ Reduce anxiety & fear

~ Address reactivity

~ Support senior & special need dogs

~ Develop trust & Communication

TTouch offers simple, gentle, and effective ways to help your dog become more comfortable, self-controlled, and cooperative.

You will learn how to:

➔ Interpret your dog’s behaviour in a non-judgmental way

➔ Notice your dog’s subtle body language for signs of stress or relaxation

➔ Use simple, relaxing body work techniques to support your dog and your relationship

➔ Support your dog to reduce anxiety and enhance self-confidence

➔ Incorporate lead exercises to create more harmonious on-leash communication

➔ Recognize and acknowledge how your own state of mind will affect your dog


Rachel is a TTouch Instructor for Companion Animals and Veterinary Physiotherapist in the UK. She works extensively combining TTouch and physiotherapy to create unique programmes to help dogs and their guardians understand each other better, for the dogs to become physically and emotionally balanced and to live in harmony together.


This workshop includes:

  • 10 hours of LIVE, interactive instruction via Zoom
  • Instant, life-time access to the online course, “Tellington TTouch for Dogs: An Introduction” for solid foundation of knowledge and accessible review opportunities.
  • Supportive Study Group Access

*This course counts as 10 CEU’s NAODI as well as 6 credits towards becoming a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner.


Register and gain instant access to an extensive, clearly laid out and detailed online course. 


This course can be done at YOUR OWN PACE, before or after the LIVE sessions.


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