Interactive & Online Solutions for Dogs with a Fear of Fireworks (and other loud noises)




4 hours live training + self-paced online study



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Practitioner Training


Toni Shelbourne


P3 - Companion Animals


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Firework & Noise Fears

CEU Interactive & Online Solutions for Dogs with a Fear of Fireworks (and other loud noises)

CEUs and 4 credits towards Tellington TTouch Practitioner qualification.đź“·

Applied TTouch® with Toni Shelbourne October 2021 (UK Time Zone in preparation for Fireworks season)

ÂŁ135.00 / $179.95

Self-Paced Online material and Live, Interactive Sessions: Monday October 4th with a follow-up session on October 18th: 18.30 – 20.30 (UK Time Zone/Open to all countries).

Four Detailed Lessons with clear instructions.
85 minutes of video lectures and “how-to” demonstrations.
4 Hours of Interactive coaching & support in a small group.
Access to a private Facebook support & discussion group, exclusive to Tellington TTouch Online Learning students.

This year don’t despair, prepare.
If your dog is one of the millions who are terrified by fireworks, then this course is an essential resource! You’ll find essential advice, tips and step-by-step exercises which will help you to keep your pet safe and overcome his fears. “Pet owners to professionals – a must read for everyone with a noise-sensitive dog.

Join Tellington TTouch Practitioner, Animal Behaviourist and Author, Toni Shelbourne as she guides you through non-confrontational, effective and long-lasting exercises and approaches for helping your anxious animal, feel better about loud noises.  Immediately after registering, you will gain access to the online course material.  On October 4th, at 18.30 (UK Time) Toni will present a live, interactive session to help you integrate what you have learned in the online course, with your own dog at home.  A follow up session coaching on October 18th will give you the chance to ask questions and share any successes, or stumbling blocks, you and your dog have experienced.

It only takes just a little effort to help your dog or cat cope with the fear of fireworks. Work through a comprehensive program designed by Senior Tellington TTouch Practitioner and co-author of HELP! My Dog is Scared of Fireworks, Toni Shelbourne to support your pet through the bangs and whizzes of the firework season.

This online course will teach and guide you through applying the Tellington TTouch Training Method for noise phobia, as well as suggest the best way to manage your pet and the environment for success.

One style does not fit all, so Toni will ensure you have the right tools for your animal’s particular needs.

There are many myths surrounding noise phobia like you shouldn’t comfort a scared dog; also, tons of products claiming to be the wonder cure, but with any fear-based issue the individual needs to be taken into consideration.

One thing is for sure, a multi-tool approach is needed – with Tellington TTouch Training as the central core; trying one thing at a time is not going to work for the fearful dog but a combination of four or five might.

This course will give you more of an understanding of why your dog is scared and useful tips to other things you need to think about and put in pace for noise phobic dogs.

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